21 to 27 September 2004) Le Figaro Magazine deliver one layer this week on Thelot Commission reproaching him for not having raised substantive issues.

(week of 21 to 27 September 2004) Le Figaro Magazine deliver one layer this week on Thelot Commission reproaching him for not having raised substantive issues. Read especially ntervention Elizabeth Atschull on egalitarianism. Uplifting! Le Nouvel Observateur is interested, meanwhile, the question of authority, through the words of the ubiquitous Marc Le Bris qualified of "star of the season." Recall that the supposed stars, it should i do my homework
is the media who make them … The small group of "Saving the letters" has a disproportionate media coverage in relation to its actual audience. It is worth remembering. Good reading… ——————————————— ————————– the Nouvel Observateur Thursday, September 23, 2004 – 2081 "If you’re not happy, you’re going t ‘ take one! "The backlash The star of the season is called Marc Le Bris. He is a teacher at Medreac, near Rennes, and has "touched" by his Minister apocalyptic pamphlet on school, quietly released in April, and has sold over 35,000 copies. Francois Fillon has long received Rue de Grenelle before delivering his speech returned. The media are fighting over, JT TF1, France 2, France 3, Ruquier even the "Times" came to his school … Wednesday morning in a Parisian cafe, is Elysium that phone. The president’s advisers want to see. After years of suppressed anger, he relishes: "Times change." His father, former instit, would have preferred savings Jospin in his book: "He fears that do harm to the left. But what I say is neither right nor left, is popular. And lack of pot is Fillon who had the sense to feel it. "He has a nice face of instit province, fifties, flannel trousers, balding, little hazelnut balls, goggles around his neck … it scrap its simple speech as if there was an emergency, we must "save the system. It is sacred, school. " His book pays tribute to the old masters, these "instits rigor and honesty" to the republican school, "excellent until the 1960s," before the priests of the new pedagogy, jargon, circulars and beautiful ideas, not just destroy everything. It’s crazy, crazy against these modern theories that consider young and actors of their own learning. Against the inspector who blamed ban "just because I then prevents the development of self in my students. We’re supposed to make citizens meetings they enact what they have to prevent themselves! ". Le Bris hits hard against the system that would have killed the teacher’s authority. "We condemn us for a kick in the butt, we are called when a father treats us asshole. The teacher becomes the servant he was under the old regime. We walk on the head ! Returning to the Condorcet school education: reading, dictation, grammar, multiplication tables. The master should be one who has the knowledge but also the law and authority. "Yep, sometimes it puts the corner and growls. It offers notes, students love and are, apparently, their own rankings. "The autonomy of the child is a contradiction: it is autonomous, it is no longer a child." Read more of the article "Blame to school, the media, political … "There is one year, the employers’ movement Ethic organized a High Mass on the theme" I love my box, "trumpeting that" 89% of French people have a good opinion of the company. " […] survey to survey, here’s one that, conversely, paralyzing this fall employers’ circles: 80% of young people 20 to 24 years say they are interested in a future official. Here, too, should be interpreted. Every time the graduate unemployment explodes – it’s unfortunately the case at the moment – they say they want to try their luck in the public sector. […] What worry the bosses. 300 of them, these 2 and 3 September, at the summer school of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, have been working on the theme "Reconciling the French now? "" The public opinion crisis of confidence in the company threatens the growth potential of the country "are alarmed those responsible. Whose fault is it? […] Jacques Marseille, professor of economic history at the Sorbonne, cut himself a success by tapping the school. "In the school system, rehashing" The business is what’s worse The only noble work, the state service.. " Result: we have no entrepreneurial culture. If we had the business creation rate of Italians, there would be more unemployment in France. "A study of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris," the company is virtually absent in college and high school . The only ones who hear about it are the students of second option, and those of 1st ES [economic and social] – 13% of an age group. " Questioned, Christian Forestier, President of the High Council for the Evaluation of the School, concedes courageously that "entrepreneurs do not have the place they deserve in school." This "revolutionary" would see the same external personalities chairing the boards of colleges and high schools! Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——————————— the Point of 23 September 2004 Nothing see … —— ————————————————– ——————– the Express 27/09/04 SOS dead languages ??the authors of the investigative mission on the future of Latin and Greek publish their conclusions. Learning the "humanities" complacency sees his supporters in this fall. While Francois Fillon has issued a circular reiterating the need for fundamental exercises (recitation, dictation …) for the French college, the group Save the letters starts with five associations, a "call for the restoration of French hours ". Meanwhile, Heinz Wismann and Pierre Judet de La Combe, philologists and directors of studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, published the findings of a mission of inquiry into the ancient languages ??that they had given Jack Lang . They explain in in The Future of Languages ??(Cerf). And in L’Express. Read more of the article therapeutic Latin-Greek Door opens in the hubbub. Sabrina spits his gum in the trash. None of that here. It’s written on the board: Dura lex, sed lex. The law is hard, but it’s the law. "Come on, hurry!" Claims in a firm but playful Eve Payen, the teacher of Latin. She made the call. Abdel? Tit for tat, the kid: Adsum! Joy? Adsum. That Adsum not absent. This afternoon, at Sisley college of L’Ile-Saint-Denis in the Paris suburbs PTA, fifteen fifth enthusiastic students amadouent verve of Cicero. "That means a proverb?" The fingers get up. Karim starts: Fortuna daring juvat. He has not scratched a word. This is an effective treatment for struggling students: Latin – or Greek – therapy. Run in during the 1990s, this type of original, not elitist education specifically designed to help children from immigrant or disadvantaged backgrounds. "We found that students who are from Latin prove best in French, 3 or 4 points on average more than others, says Mireille Ko, Professor Les Lilas, which defends the therapeutic Latin and Greek in a book Teach ancient languages ??(Hachette). With the lowest, it incorporates the basics from A to Z, using the Greek alphabet, reading, etc. "[…] Read more of the article ————- ————————————————– ————- the Figaro-Magazine- Ms. Saturday, September 25th, 2004 SCHOOL: the story of a missed opportunity after the form of questions, those background. "Le Figaro Magazine" continues the story begun last week on how to place the meetings of the committee debate on the school. And what he got out. — Nothing new under the sun. Those who expected the Thelot commission to synthesize the conclusions of the great "National debate on the school of the future" new thinking will be for their expenses. Alain Finkielkraut torn between sadness and annoyance: "The emphasis on new technologies, the lyricism of" school for all ", in short, the same warm water faucet that flowing over the school since forty years we have not even checked the plumbing "viewpoint shared by the philosopher Philippe Raynaud, who was not part of the Commission." for thirty-five years, the same egalitarian and empty rhetoric is stirred by same consultants. They behave as if they were to reform the school system for 50 years, and, moreover, as if all they had done for thirty years had nothing to do with the problem. "" We did not know emancipation of a leveler and egalitarian dogma that is largely responsible for the "malaise" of the public school, says Elizabeth Altschull. This dogma is the result of the convergence of a purely quantitative thinking, pretend to so-called experts to solve all the inequalities in educational methods and sociologists who tirelessly accuse the school of creating convergence inegalites.Cette leads to abolish it the quality of knowledge. "Read more of the article ————————————- ————————————— Politis 2 September 2004 Nothing seen … – ————————————————– ————————- Posted by Watrelot on Monday, September 27, 2004


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