Support Grows for Canadian Sports Betting Bill The bill to legalize single sports gambling in Canada may look tired and defeated at this point, but the support for the Bill C-290 is still seeing growth throughout the country as the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce has now voiced their complete support and only the legislation. They join number of other chambers in Quebec and Atlantic Canada who’re also showing their support for the changes to be made. The chambers have now grouped together to send a joint letter in help of the bill, which aims at changing the language and

Offshore firms that are sportsbetting Pay £300 Million in Taxes for British Play Offshore sportsbetting outfits will have to pony soon up UK taxes to keep in business with British punters In a go on to protect the UK ‘s racing industry, the nation is closing a loophole which has been enabling big bookies to dodge paying tax in the uk. Each year as a result, gambling firms that operate offshore from tax havens, but take bets from British-based punters, could see themselves hit with a combined £300 million ($470 million) tax bill. Those who continue to try to dodge